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Highlight: Questions About Faith

Questions About Faith

No one has all the answers when it comes to faith, but at St Mary's, we believe that we learn through asking those questions and no one minds a discussion on any faith-related subject.  No question is a silly question and no question is too simple - it is through safe discussion that we can grow in faith.

What about the really difficult questions, such as “Why does God allow suffering?” or “Does God cause suffering?”  These questions stretch the minds of all of us, but we do not shy away from them.

Our worshiping community explored some of the 'tough questions' and have provided a handful of answers for you to read at your leisure. We are forever learning as each of us grows in faith and love through Jesus Christ. Perhaps you too will begin to ask your own questions of faith. Read More


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The sermon is a key part of the service where we learn more about the bible through the spoken word. We welcome you to share in our witness here at St Mary's, wherever you are.

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